I am new to Lomography *wink wink

And yes... I decided to buy underwater cameras "Aqua pix 35mm underwater" 
Cute kan? I bought white in colour becouse I love white :) This baby is funny little and cheap things. Only RM25 for the camera excluding the films. Film kena beli sendiri la. 

I can take it everywhere and use it any time. Day and night. 
Lomography is not interference of your life but part of it :) Betul... You could have a very awesome picture Just point and shoot!

Many reviews cakap that we will never get blurry image unless we intentionally shake the camera and get the blurr effect. Kamera ni macam kamera dulu-dulu lah. No Screen and use film. 

You dont have to know beforehand what you had captured on the film. Relax :)

Cute kan? Kan kan?

Pergi la beli and jadi part of lomographer. Me? No laaa... suka suka je :) sebab cute sangat

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