Hazdnul dan Jibriel *kisah benar

tahun 2080..bagi kongres bersatu 1994, umur kita time tu dah 86... haha...xpela...dah jadi grandparents dah kot. So, lets start the story okay


Pesan Pizza tahun 2080
Tima tu sistem database automatik yang dicipta oleh syarikat pengkomputeran Amiraazid sendiri


ini adalah rakaman percakapan pizza tahun 2080

Hazdnul: Thanks for calling Pizza Hot. May I help you?

Jibriel: Halloooo... I wanna play Halo 3. May I?

Hazdnul: Sorry encik tarak paham. This is Pizza Hot. Not your 2009 XBOX

Jibriel: Opps..Im sorry. Can I order any of your pizza please.

Hazdnul: Okay. I need your I/C for further processing

Jibriel: Wait yaa... ******-**-****

Hazdnul: Ok. Encik Jibriel, 41 years old. Live in Hang Tuah Road, No 16 up in the sky. Your contact number is 0390804011 and 01666662626. Where did you call from?

Jibriel: From my home. Hey! How you know all my contact details?

Hazdnul: Ohh..we are connected to the database center. Tu pun tak tahu ke?

Jibriel: Oklah... I want to order Pizzicato Pizza- Family package

Hazdnul: Thats not good idea lah.

Jibriel: Pesal pulak...!!!

Hazdnul: From your medical record, you've got high blood pressure and surplus in cholesterol exceed normal range. Bahaya tuh!!!

Jibriel: So, what do you want to recommand for?

Hazdnul: Maybe you can order Low Fat Hokkien Mee Pizza

Jibriel: How if I dont like that choice?

Hazdnul: Past two weeks, you've borrowed a book tittle "Popular Hokkien Dishes" from National Libraray at Tun Razak ROAD.

Jibriel:  OKKAAY! So, how cost it much?

Hazdnul: But our family package its not enoughr for your 8 children. The total cost is RM80.00.

Jibriel: Nevermind. Its more than enough. =.=" I will pay it trough my Visa Card.

Hazdnul: I think you need to pay cash due to your card limit. Your Visa has expired and you have outstanding bills at Maybank of RM4050.00 since August. This not include your penalty charges for the month house payment arrears, sir.

Jibriel: Huish! OKKAAY! I will go to ATM and withdraw some cash before Pizza Hot riders arrives to my house. Is it clear?

Hazdnul: Owh...Its impossible becouse your accounting records in all four banks, Maybank, BCB, AmBank and Public Bank showing balance less than RM1.00. Poor sir.

Jibriel: Fie! Wait a minute! All you need to do is, send the pizzas. I'll have cash ready. How long is it gonna take anyway huh?

Hazdnul: About 45 minutes sir. But if too long, you can take it by your own. You can use your 'kapcai' motorcycle.

Jibriel: WHAT!!!

Hazdnul: According to our records, you owned a motorcycle in 2015 with the correct registration number BWW2114 right?

Jibriel: Fie! Woe! Who give you permission doing this indiscriminately? Ada yang nak kena belasah ni!

Hazdnul:  Be careful sir. Do you forget the date of May 15 2015? When you are arrested and went to resistant lock for rough talk and tried to battered policemean at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam.

Jibriel: -silent-

Hazdnul: Sir? Anything?

Jibriel: If im ordered family package, I can get 2 bottle of coca-cola right?

Hazdnul: Yes. But from your medical record, you suffering from Diabetis mellitus. So, we dont want take any risk. 

Jibriel: Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! CANCEL ALL WHATSOEVER!!!

*okay. siap sambil2 makan benjo dengan lahapnya


~sorry for all the grammatical errors

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