Alhamdulillah =)


Saya masih dapat rasakan, sayangNya  Allah

sweet kan ALLAH?

i have no to blame people but the person that I see in the mirror,
No one else to pay my sins...no one else..but me
i heed your words =(
Im sorry

i will ask, i will pay...but my sins block my dua

But I will keep asking

Forgive me Ya Allah

Ya Allah.. kenapa berulang kembali???

im just like 'musafir rawan'
berkelana dalam ujian.

easy to fall
fall again and again

but thanks Allah.
You still give me happiness
give me wealthiness even im not good taking care of it

So, I stand before You to again beg for forgiveness, becouse you said that I can
sweet kan ALLAH?
You have told me in your Book that youre Ar-Rahman

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