i whisper upon the rainbow



ahoy =)

this time nak jiwang2 sikit. hahaha.... ok... im not jiwangist person kayh! fullstop

 I always like imagining 
someone. Make you presence alive in this smart brain of mine. HARHAA... 
Neurons were all runnning and sprint to define your existence and all i'm doing is just close my eyes.

yeah...actually..i never meet you. even a glance...

do i will see you if I open my eyes? The real you? 
for sure tak lah kan...
but...The good things that I've loved. Everything about you. 
Seriously. I love him becouse of my God
Allah subhanahuwataala...

>tapi am! kenapa awak tak kuat?<
=( tak tahu

Im afraid enough to open my eyes. I dont want to expect anymore.
but I cant resist it!

And in those moments-
I just try to recall what you've said.
"bagaimana itu berakhir"
Ya Allah, baiknya dia...

=( kenapa saya mudah jatuh? kenapa iman saya tak kuat? 

chaiyyokkk amira!
kalau kita siapkan diri jd org yang high-class,MESTI jodoh kita pun high class -kak intan-

we're on separate ways. You have a really good place while i'm holding my vows.
are we will see each other?

sesungguhnya, hidup di sana lebih abadi.
Doakan saya kuat
Itu je... 
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