How to get rid of his face in my phone? Since my first used and log in to my blog account thru this phone, all his face auto save in this memory. Not becouse i hate him, (even the hurts are still here) but i cant barely seeing those in my life now. My life would seems better now, and im getting mature ( -.-'' l . I just dont want to remember him anymore
"Dia langsung tak ada perasaan" "i hope someone will pay revenge to him"
Jahatnya... "hope he get someone that really be part of his life"
Recently i dreamt of him. Again and again.
Why this memories so irritating, then? Perhaps becouse in the many cases, i didnt be treated like idiot. Perhaps also this is normal for someone that still have a brain. Not becouse i love him.

Ultimately being irritating need not be a bad thing for a normal person.

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