Me? Try To Pretend Cool. AWESOME


this was a hrd question to answer, and for moment my mind was staggered about it

Ouhh... no...cant be

On Monday 
I suggested that once a man gets thrown into the friend zone his best escape would be tapping into female jealousy. Before female-folk jump down my throat for giving up secrets, I think this is probably more like stating the obvious. All people suffer from feelings of jealousy but the behaviors we exhibit due to that emotional situation vary depending on gender. This is not to say that men aren’t just as jealous as women…I’d go out on a limb and say they’re more jealous but going emo, no Aubrey Drake Graham, breaks man-code and is the opposite of segsi. These anti-segsi emo barriers don’t apply to women. Chicks are expected to over dramatize romantic situations. Men love crazy dramatic women, but this is another post for another day.


So, How jealous are YOU?

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