A quiet simple life


You must do the very things you think you cannot do
will going back to my university after this

i just cant believe that im doing my foundation

hihi ^^

just wish i will get 4.0

who knows :)

now money money and money

----> buku tu buku ni... Alahai... duit oh duit.... 

I finally found something to support myself... There are Allah wherever im going. There are friends always ready to help me in any situation, when i was worried about the classes and when i suspended my schooling becouse of illness.... Hishh... My body isnt strong enough... I got trapped and struggled in anxious. Hihi ^^ When family and friends showed up, I can wiped off my soul tears and step forward more bravely.

I still vividly remember my first day in college. Get excited meeting new people. Hey! Everything went smoothly. The orientation. Break the ICE babe!

It's a training to be a good people and successful :)

Im seeking guidance
So... Please fix me whenever im doing wrong.

Live the live, live the dream... No FEAR

ONE step forward

Give a big impact for my future...


yeay... Im a big girl anyway...

Looking out of my window... Seeing a little duck. The heavens jannah are still open. Alhamdulillah. Syukur Ya Allah. 

Speak soon :)

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